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Top Class Villa - Honeymoon & families
The perfect destination for yoga retreats

5 Bedrooms Sleeps 10+2

7-night Minimum stay
5-night Minimum stay –April, May, Mid September, October

Make your Honeymoon a memory to cherish and share with the people you love.
Book your dream villa on your wedding day in Porto Heli.

Or Book for your loved ones, Family & friends!

The Villa of utmost luxury and aesthetics with a fantastic swimming pool setting to sip your cocktails & Champaign. Arrange a soiree!
Surrounded by the pieces of art all around the property as well as the Art of Nature with the exquisite Sunsets and the blue skies.
Ververoda Top Class Villa in Porto Heli welcomes you and opens its door to you, the amazing guests with its fantastic Big Blue View in Porto Heli, Peloponnese, Greece.
• Enjoy unblocked view of the Argosaronic Gulfververoda prices

View the Villa Photos to travel you to the Villa in Spring, Summer Time & September, October Breaks.

• Get your cruise to the islands of Spetses & Hydra.
• Savour Greek cuisine & traditional dishes in numerous restaurants of Porto Heli.
• Swim at the crystal-clear waters of the beautiful beaches near Ververoda Top Class Villa.
• Personal Presence and personal care during your stay by Porto Heli Breeze Villas Collections. Our Top Quality Service is based on love & care.

Facilities included in the price
 Housekeeping Services, which also include towels, bed linen etc
 Mini bar (coffee, bottled water, soft drinks, beverages)
 A champagne and wine on arrival

Activities on Extra Charges
Porto Heli Breeze Villas Collection can organize additional luxury activities.
 Diet/ Special Dining
We can arrange special dinner at your home with a high quality menu, especially designed in accordance with your instructions by an experienced chef.
 Spa services-massage
For your care and relaxation, you can select from the services In House or visit one of the spa centers we offer.
 Luxury Car hire
 Yacht, helicopter
 Other Services: personal assistant, chauffeur, security, baby sitter etc.
 Organization of events
 Personal tour guides